Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Legal counsel is indispensable to a housing dispute. Massachusetts has complex housing laws govern­ing landlords and tenants. Not only are the laws difficult to translate, but they are sometimes interpreted differently depending on which Court you are in.  Attorney Vining’s services in this area include:

  1. Creating tenancies and drafting leases and/or tenancies at will to suit the specific property and situation;
  2. Terminating tenancies via notice to quit;
  3. Eviction proceedings via summary process;  
  4. Defense of claims brought by tenants;
  5. Security deposit compliance and disputes;
  6. Lead paint issues;
  7. Guidance in buying or selling rental property;
  8. Post-foreclosure evictions;
  9. Nonpayment of rent evictions;
  10. Lease violations;
  11. Board of Health Violations;
  12. Discrimination and fair housing laws;
  13. Landlord consultation;