Wills and Estates

Early on in Attorney Vining’s career, drafting Wills and advanced estate plans was a larger part of his practice, however he has since limited his work in this area to a narrow circumstance.  If you are an individual or couple with a non-taxable estate who have minor children and who are seeking to keep everything to themselves and then to their children upon their death, then he has a standard plan which includes the following:

  • Will for each spouse;
  • Power of Attorney for each spouse
  • Health Care Proxy for each spouse;
  • Advance directive for each spouse; and
  • A family trust to manage the assets if you pass while your children are still minors.


The following areas are no longer part of my practice:

  • Elder planning;
  • Credit shelter planning;
  • Special needs trusts;
  • Nominee trusts;
  • Estate Tax Planning;
  • Medicare and Medicaid issues
  • Asset protection.


If you are not sure what type of plan you may need then feel free to call for a free consultation any time. If you are not someone I feel I am suited to help then I am happy to refer you to someone who is more appropriate for you.  Over the years I have built up a large network of Attorneys who specialize in all areas of estate planning.